Friday, August 6, 2010

Rosie's OWN Show

We are so thrilled to hear that Rosie will have her OWN show on Oprah's new network, OWN - Oprah Winfrey Network, which will kick off around the time Oprah's last show comes to a close. And apparently Oprah feels as we do, that no one would be better to spearhead this new venture than ROSIE O'DONNELL.
We fans could not be more proud or thrilled. Blogger friends could not believe she was able to keep it a secret ... one blogger asked her about that and she replied, "Believe me it was not easy for me to do - not telling is not my strong suit. When asked about other ventures she had been thinking about doing, she simply stated, "Oprah trumps all". Also adding she is "very very happy." Understandably!!!
And not that I am bitter or anything but may I predict the VIEW will be eating her dust. And it will be a joy for us to watch. On we glow ...
Your comments and thoughts are welcome ...

Saturday, February 20, 2010


It has ARRIVED .. my rosie painting!!!

Most of you may know I was honored to do Rosie's Radio LOGO, and in exchange she gave me many treasures, like an XM Sirius Radio set up, and a plethera of Rosie Radio Logo items, an interview on her radio show ... AND, best of all, this amazing rosie painting she created! ... it is SO RO .. all wild and yellow! And HUGE 4 ft x 4 ft .. to me, it feels like she painted a YELLOW day out on her boat in the blue ocean talking to dolphins where she is always her happiest, right??!! ya.
I feel so very priviledged she gave this to me, and I wanted to share it with you, my rosie blogger peeps ... I knew you would appreciate it as much as I do. Thank you so much Ro ....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010



Are we all over
with the cold weather?
Have been buried upto my
whiskers in SNOW...
Spring is just around the corner!
Won't be long......
33 days to be exact!
Come on~ YELLOW ~Sunshine!
Peas&Corn, Cat aka bossypants

Monday, January 25, 2010

Oprah and ROSIE

First, I have to say, after all the hoop about what Ro was going to wear on Oprah ..
... she looked Amazing!!! The interview was genuine quintessential Rosie .. I laughed I cried. She took us on that Rosie ride, the ups and downs, around again ... launching with the laugh (totally relate to the whole menopause thing), then taking us down to the more poignant pieces of mother lost and divorce, Kel .. to a family is a family is a family. We even revisited the time-has-healed-most-wounds-look at Barbara and the view. But then we climb with her in crescendo into new life .. new love! .. with someone who seems to have so much in common with Ro .. it's down right spooky-spookerton.

But here is what strikes me most ... when I see Ro in an interview like this, and see how bare
to the bone she is, how GENUINE raw and exposed; standing naked before us ... I remember what drew me to Ro in the first place. How refreshing it would be if every celeb Oprah had on her show was as richly honest and open-laid-bare as Rosie. How amazing would our world be if everyone were that true, and UNCENSORED. Today again proved why we have this site, why we blog, and chat and now listen to ROSIE via RADIO. She is the pure essential bare-naked lady... the way we wish we could all be if we were just brave enough.
Thank you once again Rosie for an hour of not just entertainment, but that raw honest slice of life rosie experience that only you can give ... on we grow.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


... Yes, Rosie chatted here, as OOPSROSIE, "oops" only because she couldn't figure out the sign in thingy ... Those that were here were thrilled, and blown away. It was an extremely fast-paced chatathon that lasted about 12 minutes, with 106 peeps in the room, most of whom were peppering Rosie with questions and comments, and I have to say, she kept up way better than I did. To be honest, the chat room was racing by so fast I couldn't keep up and ended being ran off the blog highway, chat "road kill" if you will ... but not before I quickly asked Rosie "the secret question" to make sure it was truly her, and she answered in mere seconds. Thank you for that, Ro!!

Earlier that day on her Radio Show, we had talked about this Siriusly Rosie blog, and she said she wanted to come by and chat that night, and as usual, she was true to her word.

Since that historic siriuslyrosie blog moment, I have heard little snippets and bits of the conversation bloggers had with Rosie during her chat here. And I am hoping, in the comment section below, that those peeps that were here that night would write down any thing they remember about that night. Dang, if we could only capture those moments in time and replay them, huh? Well, here is a small chance to do that. Thank you, rosie bloggers.

editorial by janetlovesrosie

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


the XM home/mobile/car radio and dock station set up that Rosie sent me with all the bells and whistles has arrived!! .. Now if only I could just figure out how to set it up. It took me an hour just to get it out of it’s CIA regulation plastic packaging, I swear I needed a blow torch; then finally after I get all the XM accoutrement out of all it's little individually wrapped baggies, I notice there is not ONE wall plug on any of the cable plug thingys!! .. so i am like .. uh what the .. ? So now all the little shiny black pieces are all sitting on my table MOCKING me ... and i haven't the foggiest .. so ro, could you send over one of the beautiful people to help me out?

ok... I have to mention, the lil xm remote control ..It's like my dvd remote and cable remote got a freak on and made this lil teeny-weeny "mini-mote." It's so cute. It fits in the palm of my hand. Makes me feel like GIANT... on we grow.

Rosie, thank you, again, for your very generous gift - I know I will just love it!!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Me and Ro .. uh ha

... It's not often one us bloggers gets a chance to actually talk to rosie, never mind on national radio, but this blogger did ... and though I know I was a TOTAL doof .. I would do it again .. She, meaning her peeps, Pete Mele first emailed me, letting me know she had chosen my logo design for her new XM SIRIUS ROSIE RADIO SHOW. Hello, hold the phone ... let me read that again?? huh? really? ... and then he says that Rosie would like to interview me on her new radio show for about 20 minutes... what the ...? I don't think I heard you? Could you say that again? .. and on it goes. The last couple of weeks have been a stream of emails and phone calls from heavy duty hitters, like Senior Producer Deirdra Dod, letting me know I was going to do fine and putting me at ease, and keeping informed of what was happening. These people are incredible. (Did I mention Deirdra is my new best friend) ... Hi Deirdre!!
So here I am, in the comfort of my own .. bathrobe and bedhead, talking to Rosie O'Donnell on the phone and on national radio ... in who's world does this sort of thing happen?? not mine! Pants-Down excited .. Chattin it up with Parker and Weenie (did I mention I was a total DOOF?) ... But my favorite part happened AFTER I was off the AIR, but still had a phone connection, and I heard her say, as only Ro can, ... "Oh I just love HAH, isn't she ADOABLE".
You rosie peeps who come to this site to read, or blog or hang out .... you know what I am talking about. And here's the point; the guy that was on just before me on Rosie's show?? ... he was the waiter at her favorite Mexican restaurant, who now has become a singer, and Ro wanted to showcase him on her show. (By the way, I forget his name, but his songs and style are incredible). I am just a small town artist, yet Rosie promo'd me on her show. That is something that sets her apart from all the others. She using her forum to spotlight the little peeps. And ya gotta love her for that, right?? Oh did I mention that RO then completed our radio debut DAY by COMING HERE to our blog to CHAT??? ya, i's Crazy, man .....
"Ro Chats at Siriusly Rosie Radio BLOG" .. news at 11:00 ... on we grow.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lets Rock and Roll ...

MONDAY morning at 10:00 am .... here she comes, back again, doing her own gig since 2002 ... ROSIE O'DONNELL LIVE on ... XM Sirius' ROSIE RADIO Show!!!!!!!! It's going to be GRAND!! Rosie doing what she does best and where she is most comfortable; in her own home studio. She doesn't even have to be in make-up .. IT's SO RO!! Comfortable, easy, breezy, honest, open, sassy, brassy, brilliant Rosie ... like her BLOG come to life. It will be everything she is .. honest bare-balls and ready... not only to TALK but listen to, we, her fans, among other celebrities. We will be her guests ... She will be answering our questions LIVE and talking about all those things that interest US. Woo hoo!!!

Rosie if your listening, we are pants-down EXCITED!!! and have been waiting a long time for this so ... on we grow!!!
Editorial by janetlovesrosie

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome to Rosie Radio Blog

... ROSIE RADIO is coming NOVEMBER 2, 2009 airing Monday through Friday,10:00 am to 12 pm ET on SIRIUS XM Stars. It will be a daily, two-hour talk show on which our beloved ROSIE will blend her many interests, views, and passions, and most importantly talk to her viewers ... us, you and me! Kinda like her blog but on the radio. COOL!
We, who love Rosie KNOW that this radio show will be riveting, provocative and controversial ... and will also have some great household tips from Martha ...that is what Rosie is about. It will have fluff right along side iron-fisted politics. It will have artists and people, famous and not so famous; she will talk about moms lost, autism, broadway and then the next day we will be laughing to tears as she slips into stand up. Rosie is painfully honest, uncomfortably controversial, and brilliantly funny. And I for one will be enjoying having her back in the limelight, or at least the firelight of her own home studio; because it is in her home that Rosie thrives, and where .. also ... she doesn't have to be in makeup at 6:00 in the morning, or EVER.. cause it's RADIO!!! Rosie ... doing it her way el naturale, as it should be... on we grow ...
editorial by janlovesrosie