Friday, August 6, 2010

Rosie's OWN Show

We are so thrilled to hear that Rosie will have her OWN show on Oprah's new network, OWN - Oprah Winfrey Network, which will kick off around the time Oprah's last show comes to a close. And apparently Oprah feels as we do, that no one would be better to spearhead this new venture than ROSIE O'DONNELL.
We fans could not be more proud or thrilled. Blogger friends could not believe she was able to keep it a secret ... one blogger asked her about that and she replied, "Believe me it was not easy for me to do - not telling is not my strong suit. When asked about other ventures she had been thinking about doing, she simply stated, "Oprah trumps all". Also adding she is "very very happy." Understandably!!!
And not that I am bitter or anything but may I predict the VIEW will be eating her dust. And it will be a joy for us to watch. On we glow ...
Your comments and thoughts are welcome ...


  1. Hola. . . My wife & I love the Rosie show on Sirius. Problem is, we aren't in the car the entire day together. What website can I hit to download her show? Like a podcast? Thanks!

  2. When Oprah had Rosie on her show this year, Rosie gave her such an unbelievably fantastic interview (honest, funny, open, AWESOME), and Oprah was so delighted with that interview, I could see it in her it makes perfect sense that she would ask her to host her own show again!! I gotta tell you, if not for that fact...Oprah's goodbye would be much more painful for me, but I know that Rosie will continue to share the goodness that I have become dependent on for the last 25 years! Sooo....way to go Ro' and I love you!

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